The service aimed at creating, developing and promoting the pilot action “Camaldolese Forest Code – The roots of sustainability” was entrusted.

The implementation of the information / training course is started, divided into three areas within the Monastery of Fonte Avellana. An immersive digital description of the Avellanita and Camaldolese Monastic Community, of the Forest Code and of the territory of the Upper Marche.

The pilot action was presented at the XXXIII edition of the International Book Fair, Saturday 16 October at 10.30 with the participation of Dom Gianni Giacomelli, Prior of the Monastery of the Holy Cross of Fonte Avellana, Gianmauro Melis, Sole Administrator of Svim and Lucia Catalani Coordinator of the project. Guest at the Marche Region institutional stand, it was a unique opportunity that not only allowed the Code and the entire Community of Partica to be enhanced at national level, but also paid homage to Dante’s seventh centenary, which made the hermitage immortal in the XXI Canto del Paradiso of the Divine Comedy.

Info on the pilot action at the Camaldolese Monastery of the Holy Cross of Fonte Avellana: https://www.svim.eu/notizie/583-azionepilota

The complete registration of the intervention is available at the link below: https://www.svim.eu/notizie/576-salonedellibro